Festivities for people who can rarely enjoy them

Enjoying the small festivities in life. That is something we can help to achieve with our snacks. Unfortunately, these festive moments are not a matter of course everywhere or for everyone. At Van Geloven, we want to help create a festive atmosphere on occasions where this is not always a matter of course, or where the possibilities are not present. We mainly do this with our employees and our products, and sometimes financially as well.

Over the past years, we have built up a close relationship with De Zonnebloem. This is a fantastic voluntary organisation entirely run by volunteers, which brings together people with a physical impairment that often results in social isolation. Together with De Zonnebloem, we organise various activities every year so their clients can enjoy a carefree day out. In view of the difficult circumstances in which many of these people live, we are happy to give them a helping hand even if only for a short time. In our sponsorship policy, it is important to us for our employees to really get involved, for example as volunteer workers in our sponsorship activities. 


Ik Hou van Holland (“I love Holland”)

The Ik Hou van Holland Christmas party on board the MS De Zonnebloem passenger ship has now become a tradition greatly looked forward to by volunteer workers and crew as well as the guests. It features music, various acts and of course the Cora and Flora duo. In the summer of 2016, 100 young clients of De Zonnebloem with 100 guests watched a football match played by the Belgian team during the European Championship on a huge screen. Twenty members of staff from Van Geloven’s Belgian business locations were there as volunteers. Jean-Marie Pfaff, the famous Belgian goalkeeper, also attended and took his time to take photos with everyone. The Flemish singer Sam Gooris closed the party in style.

365 festive occasions in 2016

Besides our corporate sponsorship activities, Van Geloven also has a local sponsorship policy. Each business location is provided with EUR 1,500 and 500 cartons of snacks every year in order to support local charities and employees’ personal sponsorship activities. Our aim is to organise a festive occasion for each day of the year, and we achieved this with our 365 festive occasions in 2016.

For example, our industrial plant in Maastricht supports the local Ronald McDonald House. In Tilburg, we sponsored the football championships for handicapped players for the last time, while our business location in Helmond also supported Hotel Heppie in Mierlo again in 2016, both financially and with products.