Investing in the latest sustainable developments

We accept our responsibility in respect of the environment by actively and demonstrably focusing on reducing our environmental impact. This also applies to making our mobility processes more sustainable. One important point of attention is how we manage our transportation in relation to CO2 emissions. This is partially based on the 1997 Kyoto protocol that all industrialised nations endorsed in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2 reduction

In recent years, we have implemented a number of major changes that have led to a reduction of our annual CO2 emissions. In the Netherlands, we work with our logistics partner XPO Logistics. This company is Lean & Green certified, which means that they have proved they will be able to reduce their CO2 emissions by 20% within five years. The XPO Logistics vehicle fleet consists of 65 vehicles, of which 18 are Euro 6 certified. Van Geloven’s Belgian locations mainly use their own lorries (a total of four vehicles). The first two of our lorries were replaced by Euro 6 in 2015, and recently the last two were also Euro 6 certified. 

Lower fuel consumption

These new engines have resulted in a substantial reduction in our fuel consumption as well as reducing our CO2 emissions. With the Euro 6 lorries from 2015, we save 7-8% fuel. The Euro 6 lorries that we recently put into use are even more efficient; their fuel consumption is as much as 8% lower relative to the other Euro 6 lorries and more than 12% relative to the old Euro 5 motors. We have established this by comparing our monthly fuel consumption with the number of kilometres travelled. 
At an earlier date, we implemented various measures to reduce the cargo space after unloading, which enabled us to reduce our fuel consumption for cooling by more than 40%. And very recently, additional new trailers has been added that have thicker walls than the ‘old’ trailers, making the insulation value better. This helps to reduce fuel consumption for cooling further.
And we also use less fuel by improving our transport schedule. By consolidating addresses and scheduling fewer delivery days per week, we can say on average that we have achieved a 5% decrease in the number of kilometres for each trip. We have also made progress in an ecological sense by collaborating with external transporters for deliveries to France and to the southernmost tip of Belgium (near Luxembourg). These destinations are difficult to combine with our other routes. These transporters are Van Den Broek from Londerzeel and Trans Europ from Sint-Truiden for the farthest point of Belgium and for France.

Smileys for more economical driving

At Van Geloven, our drivers receive ongoing training in the skills of their trade. One part of this training is how to drive in a defensive and economical manner, and all our drivers have passed this part with flying colours. Moreover, our Euro 6 lorries are equipped with Predictive Powertrain Control. This is an innovative system that takes the course of the road and imminent ascents and descents into consideration when the driver changes gear. It has enabled us to make a further 5% reduction in our fuel consumption. The Euro 6 lorries also have a Driver Performance Assistant that uses smileys at the end of the day to show drivers whether they are driving in the most economical way. When these vehicles are standing fully loaded at night, their cooling systems run on electricity. This means that we have achieved a substantial reduction in noise pollution - and our neighbours sleep all the better as a result! 

Driving safely

Aside from engines and technology for reducing fuel consumption, the Euro 6 lorries are also equipped with technology that increases road safety for our drivers and other road users. Our Mercedes Actros lorries are fitted with an ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), an FCW (Forward Collision Warning) and an AEBS (Automatic Emergency Brake System). As the name suggests, the latter is an automatic braking system that activates automatically if the driver brakes too late when approaching the vehicle in front of him, or another obstacle. Another system installed in our Mercedes Actros lorries is the LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), which tells the driver if he is keeping within the lines of his own lane.