We accept our environmental responsibility by actively and measurably steering for reducing our environmental impact. This also applies to making our mobility process more sustainable.A key point of attention in this respect is how to deal with our transport in respect of our CO2 emissions. The Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 by all industrialised countries, agreeing to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases on a worldwide scale.

CO2 reduction
In the past two years, we implemented a number of key developments, ensuring reduction of our annual CO2 emissions. In the Netherlands, we collaborate with our logistics partner, Norbert Dentresangle.They are certified Lean & Green. This means they demonstrated that they are able to achieve a 20% CO2 reduction within a five-year period. For example, their fleet in the Netherlands and Belgium is equipped with Euro 5 engines since 2012 (this concerns 25 lorries). These are the most energy-efficient in their class. Furthermore, one of their DAF trucks is Euro 6 and one uses LNG fuel (liquid natural gas). 

Lower fuel consumption
The new engines allowed for both reduction of CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption.“We used 3-4% less fuel. That is significant in terms of monthly consumption compared to mileage. This share should not be underestimated”, says Rudi van Decraen, Sales Operations Manager. Also, we use less fuel by smarter scheduling of our transport. “Consolidating addresses and fewer delivery moments in the weekly schedule can achieve a 5% decrease in mileage per journey”, says the Operations Manager Transport of Norbert Dentresangle in the Netherlands. The Van Geloven drivers are continuously trained and updated in their skills.  One of the elements in their training is driving defensively and economically. All drivers passed this component. Furthermore, Van Geloven equipped all trailers with a separator in order to always limit the space to be cooled as much as possible. This has meanwhile reduced fuel consumption of the cooling engines by over 40%. If these vehicles are loaded overnight, the cooling engines run on electrical power. This also makes for major noise reduction, ensuring that Van Geloven’s neighbours have better night rest.