Small individual snack companies become largest snack manufacturer in the Netherlands
Van Geloven wants to be the consumers’ and professionals’ favourite snack specialist, both in the Netherlands and abroad.We are the tastiest, as well as the most reliable, available and affordable. For now and in the future. We cherish the household names in our unique snack range, such as the Van Geloven croquette, the Van Lieshout frikandel sausage, the Welten fried bami noodles snack, Hebro satay and Mora Kipkorn. Additionally, we continually surprise our customers with new snack products and concepts. Also in this respect, we take our responsibility with respect to people, society and the environment, ensuring healthy profits within the chain. This is achieved by ensuring optimal interconnection of the chain levels and renovating our range where necessary.

It all started in the sixties in Tilburg, in the province of Brabant, when Ad van Geloven and his family discovered the many possibilities of meat. Ad van Geloven starts his career by making and selling canned ragout and soup. The same ragout formed the basis of his big break-through: the croquette. In 1969, the first croquettes roll from the conveyor belt. In subsequent years, the family is extended with snack creators sharing the winner mentality and passion for the business. A snack is really a good example of the no-waste concept. It is made of meat cuttings so small they cannot be sold in the supermarket, but that are of a fine quality. The wonderful Hebro satay (acquisition 1992), the fried nasi rice and fried bami noodles snacks by Welten (acquisition 1993), the frikandel sausages by Van Lieshout (acquisition 2002), the best stewed meat croquettes and round croquettes by Van Geloven and the special inventions from Mora (acquisition 2006). In 2008, Van Geloven also launches the brand De Bourgondiër to market the finest croquettes and round croquettes. All these brands are committed to values such as quality, profitability, innovation and partnership.

Appetite for acquisition
After acquiring various companies / brands since 1989, Ad van Geloven BV became independent in 2001 based on a management buy-out in partnership with a participation company, Gilde Investment Management. Two years later, Gilde Investment Management’s shares were transferred to Egeria, which was in turn acquired by Lion Capital in 2008. Lion Capital has a majority interest in the company. Avedon Capital Partners is also one of the shareholders. They formed the board together with the Van Geloven management. Since 24 March 2015, the organisation has been in the hands of the British/American investment company Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. together with the Management Teamthat is chaired by CEO Peter Doodeman.

Spread out over various locations


Since the sixties, Van Geloven has been the leader in the frozen snacks market. Meanwhile, its sales amount to 195 million euros contributed by retail Netherlands, retail Belgium, Foodservice Netherlands, Foodservice Belgium and exports.  The company employs about 800 staff in four sites. The head office is located in Tilburg. It is also the production site of Foodservice packaging for croquettes and spring rolls. Mini-snacks are packed into standing bags and satays are packaged for the consumer market.

The production site in Maastricht mostly makes consumer packaging with frikandel sausages, croquettes, spring rolls and various specialty snacks. The Mol (Belgium) plant mainly produces Foodservice packaging for the Mora brand and the Mora satay. The Helmond site manufactures meat snacks for the Foodservice market, including frikandel sausages, meat balls and meat loaves.