Snacking should be a party for everyone

Interview with Marcel Joosten, Director Marketing & Innovation

“Within Van Geloven, we think that snacking should be a party for everyone, and it should stay that way.
We take our responsibility very seriously in the development of all our brands and products.This means that we want to make sustainable steps that are financially responsible, keeping our snacks affordable to everyone”, says Marcel Joosten, the Director of Marketing and Innovation.

The market in which Van Geloven operates with its brands requires increasing attention for sustainability, including from parties such as NGO’s, government, consumers and customers.Consumers are mainly interested in transparency on ingredients, various preparation options of products, animal well-being and meat quality. “It is logical, therefore, that our customers such as retailers, caterers and snackbar holders are scaling up their requirements towards us. As the market leader in snacks, we are continually investigating how to respond appropriately with our current products and new products”, says Marcel.

Mora is leading the way
Van Geloven offers brands for both consumers and professionals.The most popular and best-known snack label in the company is Mora. The brand clearly leads the way concerning the implementation of improvements relating to sustainability. Marcel says: “This is what retailers and consumers alike may expect from an A brand. To be able to respond to the need for more natural products and transparency on ingredients, we recently relaunched snack icons, the croquette and the frikandel sausage, without any artificial flavours, fragrance and colourants. Additionally, we introduced the Oven Frikandel Sausage that can be prepared in the oven or the air fryer. This responds to demand for alternative cooking methods. We aim to implement similar steps in our other brands and private labels that ask for the same. We will do this in phases, as this requires extensive R&D work.”

Van Geloven’s sustainability policy focuses on meat, among other things.That is what the market demands. “This is a complex challenge in the chains of our products. We aim to apply a good balance between quality and consumption safety of meat without compromising on environmental impact, cost within the chain and animal well-being. For this purpose, we follow our own course with our suppliers, frequently presenting developments in this area to our customers”, says Marcel. In this respect, Van Geloven complies with the agreements of the Code of Conduct setting out how the company interacts with its employees, business relations and society. Suppliers are also expected to act in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

The new world of Business
Marcel sees different trends in the market that the company should take into account.Consumers become more aware, are looking for better rather than more, and aim for a higher quality of life. “You can see that an increasing number of companies are aware of this, stressing ‘better’ in addition to, or instead of ‘more’. We also show a shift. In addition to our sustainable improvements on existing products, we have completed nice ‘better’ innovations and more are in the pipeline. This includes, for example, the introduction of Veggie products, such as the Mora Veggie Saté within the innovation platform ‘Tasty meat-free snacks’. We are also going to introduce a fully new generation of vegetable-based snacks to be prepared in the oven. But also a brand such as De Bourgondiër is a wonderful high-quality product meeting the consumer’s call for ‘better’”, says the enthusiastic Marcel.

Long Live our Snacks
Overall, the Director of Marketing and Innovation is proud of the activities that the company is developing within the three pillars of Good life, Sustainable composition and Sustainable production:“With the motto ‘Long Live our Snacks’, we want to make everyone happy with affordable tasty snacks, and we are happy to facilitate a party. Our collaboration with charities such as De Zonnebloem and Make A Wish give a lot of energy. But also the negotiations we conduct with our suppliers for scaling up all our meat types to sustainable variations and the wonderful things we increasingly achieve in terms of energy, water and waste give a lot of satisfaction.We aim to make a difference in all three pillars.”